Happy Halloween, everybody! I made this music video for the incredible Milwaukee-based band, The Xposed 4heads. This “animation” was shot live, and is actually paper rod puppets lit by blacklights.

My new picture book is out now!

Gadzooks! Archie the Daredevil Penguin is hiding a dark secret: he’s afraid of the water and the creatures who lurk in the briny deep! And it’s keeping him from attending the fish fry on Iceberg Nine.

But penguins aren’t supposed to be afraid of water, especially not daredevil penguins. He musn’t let his friends know! 

Can Archie find a way to soar above the clouds and stay out of the sea?

“A read-aloud winner.” –Publishers Weekly

“Silly and charming.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Kids will laugh at Archie’s flying flops and cheer when he conquers his fear.” –Booklist

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Scroll down to watch my book trailer!

Here is my book trailer for Archie the Daredevil Penguin. Huge thanks to music producer Kelp Chofs and Bob Jorin, who voiced the tallest penguin! I created the animation, wrote the song, and voiced the other three penguins. Sing-along, share, and enjoy!

BIG NEWS! This trailer has won the Best Original Score Picture Book Oscar for 2016!


I’m happy to report that this iotacon of David Bowie has been selected to appear in this year’s American Illustration Annual! I’ll be at the American Illustration Party in NYC in November. Find me there and say hello!


Here’s a goofy map full of adventure!


I have designed mosaics for the restrooms at a fantastic Pan Asian restaurant in Madison, WI called Sujeo. This is the ladies’ room, featuring a dragon with a flaming pearl. The men’s room features Godzilla. Look for a photo of that one in the iotacons section. Big thanks to architect Jacob Morrison for getting me involved in this very fun project!